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HONG KONG (Reuters) – When Hong Kong’s largely amassed pro-democracy protests turned violent final summer, it drove a wedge via every allotment of society, dividing pals, households and likewise worshippers at its greater than 1,500 churches.

Ricky Wong Wai-hung, fifty four, Pastor-in-trace of Trinity Theological Baptist Church, poses after an interview with Reuters in Hong Kong, China July 30, 2020. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

The massive majority of alternative folks in Hong Kong follow some make of Buddhist, Taoist or a trend of mature Chinese faith, nevertheless the extinct British colony has about 900,000 training Christians, about 12% of the population in accordance to authorities figures, destroy up almost evenly between Roman Catholic and Protestant faiths. There is no longer a consensus amongst them relating to the protests or China’s tightening grip on the city.

Canaan Wong, Blesson Chan and Kristy Chan, all in their mid-20s, are phase of a neighborhood of about forty other folks who in late June quit their positions as mentors and academics at the evangelical Tung Fook Church, because they talked about they felt stress from senior church leaders to come to a decision silent about political matters.

They talked about quite quite a bit of pastors had been told by church leaders to come to a decision away their names from public statements opposing a bill final year that will perhaps well maintain allowed legal suspects to be extradited to mainland China, the mission which sparked the protests. The bill was eventually withdrawn. The three talked about they didn’t know which church leaders, or how many, had been telling pastors to come to a decision away their names.

“It sends chills down our spine with such self-censoring,” talked about Wong. “This displays that in this church, politics clearly overrides faith and truth.”

The neighborhood wants the church to negate up on political disorders, such because the contemporary nationwide safety legislation enacted by China on June 30, which makes anything else that Beijing regards as subversion or promoting independence punishable by lifestyles in detention middle.

“We’re now no longer inquiring for a yellow church,” talked about Blesson Chan, utilizing the local shorthand for knowledgeable-democracy. “We genuine if truth be told feel that church is a phase of the society and would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps well now no longer be hiding up in an ivory tower.”

The neighborhood is space to maintain talks with leaders of the church, which is found subsequent to the headquarters of China’s contemporary nationwide safety company in Hong Kong, about simple unravel their disorders. A representative for Tung Fook church talked about it wished to “toughen communication and receive rid of confusion” with the neighborhood.

If the church does now no longer decide a stand, the three talked about they feared this can pause up comparable to the Three-Self Patriotic Sprint, a Protestant group in mainland China that’s carefully controlled by the tell and whose leaders staunchly give a put off to the Chinese Communist Earn together.

The National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Sprint of the Protestant Churches in China declined to observation.

Even supposing China is an officially atheist tell, it does allow certain tell-supervised spiritual organizations, such because the Three-Self Patriotic Sprint, to operate. On the opposite hand, Beijing has closed down many so-known as underground or home churches outdoor the tell-controlled system and has imprisoned worshippers on the grounds that they are extra precise to their faith than to the Chinese tell.

Chinese authorities didn’t respond to a quiz for observation.


On the a trend of facet of the divide is a forty nine-year-oldschool police officer, who talked about he left the Christian and Missionary Alliance Tak Tsuen Church after 14 years final June, when he was abused by fellow worshippers who told him the police deserved to be attacked by protesters.

“As Christians, seeing the police bleed and wounded, how can you watched that it’s shiny and we deserve it?” talked about Affirm, who asked to be recognized by simplest one title. The church didn’t respond to a quiz for observation.

Shortly after, the policeman joined Trinity Theology Baptist Church, space up by extinct police officer Ricky Wong, fifty four, as a refuge for police who felt unwelcome someplace else.

“I wish to within the reduction of my brothers’ and sisters’ hatred against the yellow camp,” Wong told Reuters, relating to the celebrated opposition amongst law enforcement officials to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy circulate.

“When (Jesus) seen the crowds, he had compassion on them because they had been pressured and helpless, esteem sheep without a shepherd,” talked about Wong, quoting a passage from the Bible. “These other folks are also lambs.”

Wong talked about the a hundred twenty or so people of his church, which embody many people of the uniformed providers plus some clinical doctors and academics, pray at secret locations for disaster of being targeted by pro-democracy activists.

Despite his mission relating to the yellow camp, Wong talked about he didn’t title as blue, or pro-Beijing. In its put, he described his congregation as “Crew Jesus.”


When China took relieve decide an eye on of Hong Kong in 1997, it adopted the precept of “one country, two programs” and agreed to uphold the territory’s Not contemporary Regulation, its de facto structure, which contains the freedom of speech and faith.

That precept is now seen to be below threat after China imposed the contemporary nationwide safety legislation, which supporters negate will elevate stability to the monetary hub, nevertheless critics negate will crush all forms of freedom.

Hong Kong’s authorities didn’t respond to a quiz for observation. It has talked about beforehand the contemporary safety legislation preserves “the most predominant rights and freedom lawfully loved by legislation-abiding electorate.” The legislation makes no existing of non secular groups.

On the opposite hand, church leaders are treading cautiously.

A day before the legislation was imposed, Lo Hing-choi, president of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong, the umbrella neighborhood for the city’s 164 Baptist congregations, posted a message important of the legislation on the convention’s web space, nevertheless took it down a day later.

“We inquire of of the authorities to form genuine legal guidelines to receive society harmonious and stable,” talked about Lo within the withdrawn post, arguing that the contemporary safety legislation would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps well now no longer form lengthy-length of time stability and that simplest a if truth be told democratic system would lead to prosperity. 

Lo, 68, told Reuters he was scared by an anonymous caller who accused him of encouraging violence.

Ta Kung Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper controlled by the Chinese tell, singled out Lo for what it known as “hijacking the churches.” The newspaper didn’t respond to a quiz for observation.

“In churches now, a trend of alternative folks, a trend of political stances are constantly combating,” talked about Wong. “Sincere now, I don’t think the rift in our society will be mended.”

Reporting By Yanni Chow in Hong Kong; Writing by Anne Marie Roantree; Bettering by Bill Rigby

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